Bespoke Training, Workshops and CPD


Our sessions are tailored to Architects, Landscape Architects, Structural Engineers, MEP, Project Managers, Technical Managers and Sub-Contractors

Technical Training
  • Revit;
  • Navisworks;
  • FormIt;
  • AutoCAD;
  • MicroStation;


Project workshops
  • Develop your Revit project as you learn with hands-on technical workshops;
  • Our approach to training and workshops is to help team members and the practice grow in their understanding of technology, methods and process;
  • The sessions are not only teaching technical aspects and functions of the software but also includes the processes that come with BIM;
RIBA Approved CPDs
    • BIM Awareness;
    • Revit for Project Delivery;
    • BIM Accreditation (Coming Soon)



For technical Revit training and practical BIM understanding at your own pace.

Buy the Revit training book here:

DDC BIM Revit Workshop Book
DDC BIM Revit Workshop Book


Bespoke and flexible training and workshops

Role/Function based learning

We offer role-specific training, i.e. Directors require a different
learning approach to technicians.


Half-day, full-day or multiple days based on your needs.


Starter, beginner, intermediate or advanced

BIM Level 2 / ISO19650v

CPDs, training or workshops on the process of BIM and associated documentation.

Assessment option

As part of the training or workshop, we will provide a training records document. This enables our clients to keep track of knowledge development in the practice. This is a BIM Level 2 and ISO19650 requirement.

It is also an ISO19650 requirement to provide knowledge development records and CVs for the project team members. We can provide the assessment to the teams after the training as evidence of the knowledge development.

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What our clients say


“As a complete BIM and AecoSIM novice, Jimi’s input and guidance was invaluable, with the right amount of emphasis on practical demonstration and explanation of protocols to encourage learning on the project without ‘doing it for me’.

Group and one to one training sessions were concise and engaging and demystified the BIM process; building confidence and familiarity with key terminology and definitions and providing insight into the principles and benefits underpinning BIM.”


“DDC provided a very good training package, starting out with first principles before quickly working this up to some more advanced techniques. The tutorial sessions were clearly set out and informative, and at a good pace to allow each mentee to put into practice what they had just been shown. Something that makes this training stand out from other previous software training I’ve received is the pragmatic focus on ‘real world’ challenges. Right from the first session, we took a live office project and once the project basics were in place, we set about modelling it. Pretty quickly the overall building form started to emerge. This model created during the few days of training has subsequently gone on to be further developed by the team and is now ready for coordination and the production of drawings. I would certainly recommend this training to any individual or business looking to either implement Revit or increase their practical knowledge of the software.”


“As I started my new role as an architect, building up a Revit model, I needed some training to get it through. Jimi has been so helpful and efficient, in just two weeks I learned how to model an entire ancient building with different types of walls, windows, roofs, etc. And every doubt I had about the program he resolved it successfully.”

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