What do our clients have to say?


Rory had this to say

“DDC Solutions provided assistance with Revit modelling on two large commercial projects in central
London. The modelling was carried out to a high standard and on a fast turnaround, enabling us to
get up to speed much quicker than anticipated. They were able to carry out detailed façade modelling as well as internal modifications and sheet setup, allowing the design team to continue
working on design & coordination. I look forward to using DDC Solutions services again”

FZ had this to say

“Live working support was flexible and readily accessible; essential when working remotely or faced with project specific issues that require quick resolution.”

CR had this to say

“Jimi’s guidance, from preparation of the BEP to day to day software and validation queries ensured that BIM roles, responsibilities and outputs were clearly defined at the correct stage of works and enabled project information to be developed and utilised from a firm foundation.”

Mark had this to say

“In an ever-demanding construction industry and the migration of “BIM” into the housing sector, one of the business aims of Higgins for 2019 was to achieve BIM Level 2 accreditation through Lloyds Register.

We identified a project that would best suit the process within an already commenced stage 3+ design program to apply our BIM capabilities in parallel to the accreditation process so that we could seamlessly carry on with BIM after the accreditation and have practical project experience behind us.

DDC Solutions helped us to achieve the BIM Level 2 accreditation with a fantastic score and feedback from Lloyds Register. Our example project was developed and managed through the Information Management processes that DDC identified as been important and to have in place for the continuation of BIM as a standard project process in Higgins.

The added value, dedication and support DDC have provided us with has led to our BIM competence and the growth of the added values that Higgins can now provide as a business.

Examples are:
A streamlined business process to help our process and procedures from the bidding process to the completion of a project. Project setup and management of process technology and support to the design teams and the developers. Processes that will now be a standard for all new projects at Higgins and the development of technology and process to meet Higgins standard construction principles in reducing risks, time and financial waste and improve the project programme strategy. DDC are more than capable of delivering high-quality services and their clients and projects come first. Higgins would highly recommend DDC to any company wanting to migrate into the world of BIM.”

Chris had this to say

“Group and one to one training sessions were concise and engaging and demystified the BIM process; building confidence and familiarity with key terminology and definitions and providing insight into the principles and benefits underpinning BIM.”

Ben had this to say

“DDC provided a very good training package, starting out with first principles before quickly working this up to some more advanced techniques. The tutorial sessions were clearly set out and informative, and at a good pace to allow each mentee to put into practice what they had just been shown. Something that makes this training stand out from other previous software training I’ve received is the pragmatic focus on ‘real world’ challenges. Right from the first session, we took a live office project and once the project basics were in place, we set about modelling it. Pretty quickly the overall building form started to emerge. This model created during the few days of training has subsequently gone on to be further developed by the team and is now ready for coordination and the production of drawings. I would certainly recommend this training to any individual or business looking to either implement Revit or increase their practical knowledge of the software.”

Georgina had this to say

“As a complete BIM and AECOSIM novice, Jimi’s input and guidance was invaluable, with the right amount of emphasis on practical demonstration and explanation of protocols to encourage learning on the project without ‘doing it for me.”

Claudia had this to say

“As I started my new role as an architect, building up a Revit model, I needed some training to get it through. Jimi has been so helpful and efficient, in just two weeks I learned how to model an entire ancient building with different types of walls, windows, roofs, etc. And every doubt I had about the program he resolved it successfully.”