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Is there a boundary between IM and IT?

IT stands for Information Technology and refers to computer-based information systems applicable in different fields and of course in the AEC Industry.

Following a first digitalisation of the AEC Industry with Computer-aided drafting (CAD) standards, the Industry kept changing focusing on increasing collaboration and communication between the different parties. BIM has been promoted around the world as a collaborative process, highly dependent on various technologies. For this purpose, proving its overall beneficial application in the sector. Therefore, the demand for new Information Technology solutions have increased, including new software and higher computer specification to allow the digitalisation of the AEC Industry.

Lately and due to the latest ISO 19650 series published, the attention has shifted from the usage of BIM at the delivery phase of the project to an overall beneficial application of the Information Management for asset life-cycle. Although Information Management is not a new concept as it regards the general organisation of the information for an effective output, its application in the AEC Industry results innovative.

Hence, a Document Management system is required as solution for this purpose. Referring to the BIM terminology, we would call it Common Data Environment, CDE. In fact, following the ISO 19650 standards, a complex workflow of multiple iteration of information container development, multiple reviews, approval and authorisation is clearly defined. Which Document Management systems available on the market follow the ISO 19650 definition of the workflow?

At this point, preserving information results essential and an adequate Information Technology solution is needed too. In fact, if aiming at a fully digitalised AEC Industry, IT systems fully ISO compliant are required due to the high level of dependency between solution and workflow and therefore between Information Technology -IT- and Information Management -IM-. Where is the boundary? And I am wondering if there should be a boundary!?

At DDC Solutions we support collaboration, communication and partnership. If boundaries and restrictive definition of roles are still current, we wish to overcome boundaries for the overall beneficial digitalisation of the AEC Industry.


Written by Cristiano Barretta


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