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In a world full of standards, processes and technologies all developed and aimed to improve project delivery. There is a varying degree of how well this is achieved. It depends on many factors that must be coordinated and managed. By people who actually have the time to do so.


A common issue for many design teams is to be prepared for BIM before a suitable project is available or having a suitable project but not enough time to be ready for BIM.

It is quite evident that collaborating and coordinating between design teams in 3D is beneficial. And BIM is often not a formal requirement from the client on these design team driven 3D projects. It is also quite evident that there are some issues with this approach in terms of geographical coordination, clash detection management and developing and following or not following a BEP.

But, these are concerns that we deal with in the implementation of BIM to be prepared for a BIM project.


If on the other hand the waiting for a suitable project before moving to BIM is the preferred option, as it is for many practices. I.e. Revit is the driving factor. A custom Revit resource still need to be implemented along with some project setup support and training. But it is a much faster approach to getting the project up and running.


This is what the DDC Solutions – Revit for Projects does.

We install a BIM Level 2 / ISO 19650 compliant Revit Resource customized to the project.

The project team will be trained and ready to coordinate and collaborate on a 3D/BIM project in no-time.


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