Revit for Project Delivery

BIM not specified for your project.
But you still want to work in a 3D Collaboration environment?

Revit Collaboration Project option

DDC Revit For Project Delivery Fast Track

Revit for Project Delivery is a Fast Track solution developed specifically to reduce delays and costs to Revit projects by getting Revit setup and configured for 3D collaboration projects within five days:

  • Future proof – BIM Level 2/ISO 19650 ready
  • Customised – Revit Resource customised to meet practice and 3D collaboration requirements
  • Template – Customisation of the critical functions and standards in the Revit Template:

– Naming convention

– CAD Standards

– Sheets and Schedules

– Information output

  • Geo-coordination – Process and management
  • Clash detection – Process
  • Software configuration
  • 14h of technical training/project workshop
  • REP – Revit Execution Plan Template
  • Technical support

DDC Revit for Project Delivery

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