Revit for Project Delivery

BIM not specified for your project.
But you still want to work in a 3D Collaboration environment?

Revit Collaboration Project option

Partner with us as we offer you the Revit Collaboration Project option.

We have found that a common scenario is that “full BIM” has not been specified by the Developer, but as the designer, you would still like to work within a 3D Collaboration environment.

We are happy to take the approach of immediately going to Revit and 3D modelling and collaboration need, as we believe that it should not be the software or BIM that is the driving factor on projects.

It is the delivery of the project that is most important!

For the software to function in a professional environment, the following aspects are addressed from our side:

  • Configuration
  • Naming Convention
  • Geographical Coordination
  • CAD Standards
  • Quality of deliverables

Work with us

DDC Solutions would like to join your team and support you with the implementation of Revit For Project Delivery process and technology.
The immediate effect is that your project requirements are prioritised, and we adapt the planned implementation strategy accordingly, without risk to

cash flow

For the duration of our teamwork, we will act as your in-house BIM Manager and support your projects, and project teams, to act in the capacity
of a fully BIM accredited organisation, with the same calibre of support and capacity as a globally recognised organisation.

The implementation includes full
BIM Level 2/ISO 19650 compliancy, including:

  • Revit Resources including Project Template
  • Configuration
  • CAD and Naming Standards
  • Geo-Coordination and Project Setup Standard
  • Deliverables Output. Drawings and Schedules
  • Training, Technical and Project Support
  • Revit Execution Plan Template for your Organisation

With the approach that DDC Solutions take, we become a crucial part of your team, and we will always keep your best interests in the foreground.

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