BIM for Developers

Take control of the information management aspect of your project.

Take ownership of the Business Information Management (BIM) aspects of your projects using standards,
processes and resources that are bespoke to your organisation.

Our solution facilitates better information management which

Helps to control KPIs

Reduces risks

Keeps fees down

BIM needs to be included in the bigger picture
of your business strategy.

With the publication of ISO 19650 in December 2018 and the, now well-established and known benefits of BIM Level 2, the UK construction
process is moving into a new phase, supported by the Center for Digital Built Britain and the UK Government.
Developers are now encouraged to make the ISO 19650 process a business standard.


To take full control of the projects through standards that are defined to plan, develop and manage projects that meet the developers own business objectives.

To lead and manage the stakeholders through the use of support and project specific resources. To help reducing cost, risks and time waste and to better manage the KPIs.

To help the UK construction industry continue to be a dominant global industry sector. And to help the UK move to and meet goals on smart building and smart city standards within the next decade.

Navigating the unprecedented
situation of Covid-19

The DDC Solutions Solution

The DDC Solutions BIM for Developers solution is a set package, based on:

  • Lloyds Register BIM Accreditation requirements

  • DDC Solutions BIM Fast Track solution

What this solution brings to the client is standards, processes, resources and knowledge of how to link the technical aspects of software use, project collaboration and coordination between stakeholders to the business financial and risk management and operational targets, goals and objectives.

BIM for Developers installs technical and process structures that should be used to instruct rather than request.

BIM is about meeting business objectives and ensuring that the buildings are financially, culturally and sociologically functional for its purpose.
Did you know that the DDC Solutions BIM Fast Track solution is developed

specifically with the developers needs in mind? Meaning that the BIM for Developer solution and the BIM Fast Track solution are streamlined to ensure that the clients business goals and targets can be met and that the architect and engineers who have implemented the DDC Solutions BIM Fast Track can support the developers BIM requirements.

DDC Solutions are currently working with several stakeholders, including the developers on the standards and processes to optimise repeat business and development processes for the benefit of the developer’s business models.
We are also members of the BIM 4 Housing Associations development group, led by Peabody.

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