BIM for Designers

Achieve BIM on your projects

BIM for Designers is a full BIM Level 2/ISO19650 implementation solution

This particular solution is aimed at  Architect, Landscape Architects, Structural Engineers and Services Engineers who need BIM process and Revit technology to bid for or work on projects where the client or contractor specifies BIM or ISO 19650.

The benefits of the BIM for Designers implementation:

  • Your organisation can bid for BIM mandatory projects that require a “yes” in the project bid PQQ on BIM Accreditation from the first day of DDC coming on board with your team.
  • Your organisation will have a customised BIM process with a Revit resource platform specific to your project role and responsibility. Including COBie output, schedules and the golden thread of information for fire and structural safety, aligned with your Responsibility Matrix.
  • DDC take care of project setup and coordination, training and workshops, BIM capability representation and support.

As DDC becomes a part of your team, peace of mind and having the space to focus on designing and delivering projects is perhaps the most crucial aspect of the BIM for Designers outcome.




BIM today is not the same as BIM back in 2016.

It was academic and something we could “do”.

Today it is professional and something we must achieve.

BIM for Designers service delivery

The implementation takes, on average, 6-months and follow the DDC 5D-Methodology. Define, Digital, Document, Distinguish and Develop. To make the practice fully BIM Level2/ISO 19650 compliant.

The outcome and fee are agreed on upfront and will be based on specific needs, number of projects and number of staff that needs training.

  • Initial assessment and strategy approval
  • Technical development and implementation
  • BIM Level 2/ISO 19650 process development and implementation
  • Project planning, setup & coordination
  • Project workshops
  • Additional training
  • Technical support 5 days per week
  • Project support
  • BIM focus group setup
  • Dedicated BIM Management representation, resources and support
  • Application for BIM Accreditation support
  • Pre-assessment for BIM Accreditation
  • Monthly reports
DDC Top Of Mountain BIM

This service looks at goals and objectives bi-directionally from a designer’s view. It includes how to be the driving factor on the project, while meeting the clients’ needs, bringing the contractor into the mix and at the same time staying on top of being a designer.

BIM, processes, and technologies should not be the focus of attention. It should be a resource to make it easier to produce better information and deliver better projects.

This is the purpose of the DDC BIM for Designers solution

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