BIM for Designers

Use your time for design and not on admin.


DDC Solutions work with award-winning Designers, Project Managers and Contractors while our work meets international industry standards.
Our goal is simple – to help developers, architects, and engineers to plan, design and deliver their projects




So, why do we need a new approach
to BIM for designers?

In our experience the developers often have very little input and insight into how designers and contractors run the projects.

With BIM or no BIM requirements from a client, and later from the contractors, it is essential that a project avoids wasting time in getting the project off the ground and later into construction.
As a designer it is very important to be prepared for both BIM or no BIM requirements.

Again, in our experience, designers are often not fully prepared. There may be aspects of preparation but in practical application of a project, it is often inadequate patch work that is not specific to the designers’ role or function on the project.

Our Offer for BIM For Designers

The DDC Solutions BIM (Building Information Modelling) for designers enables the designer to:

  • The full Fast Track solution fee is less than a third of an experienced BIM Manager salary. The solution will take a maximum of 24 weeks to deliver
  • Provide better customer service to the client/contractors by advising and illustrating how, what and when the project will be developed and delivered. Giving the client/contractors better data to work with to plan and monitor the project as well as business KPIs.
  • Use time for design work rather than administrative processes and technical problem-solving.
  • Improve trust on frameworks through better and more illustrative information of BIM, technical and collaborative capabilities, and capacities.
  • Improved collaboration and smooth transition into construction by being better prepared for contractors’ requirements.

This service looks at goals and objectives bi-directionally from a designer’s view. It includes how to be the driving factor on the project, while
meeting the clients’ needs, bringing the contractor into the mix and at the same time staying on top of being a designer.

BIM, processes, and technologies should not be the focus of attention. It should be a resource to make it easier
to produce better information and deliver better projects.

This is the purpose of the AECP BIM for Designers.

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