BIM for Contractors

Take control of your projects, framework and coordination

Why is BIM important for you as a contractor?

  • D&B contracts most often being BIM oriented with the Developer requiring BIM

  • Standard Delivery plan of typical client’s BIM requirements to increase the tender success rate

  • Working following International Standards ISO 19650

  • Growth of UK digital construction export

  • Running development projects in line with proven Industry standards

  • Preparation for an eventual BIM accreditation

Why is BIM beneficial to you?

  • Management solutions to decrease risks for Contractors in D&B contracts

  • Better planning and control of the project to meet client’s requirements earlier in the project timeline e.g., at framework information and bidding stage

  • Bespoke process for assessing Design Consultants’ capabilities to deliver on time and on budget

  • The in-house standard process for reviewing design development progress against delivery plan and RoW requirements

  • Improved collaboration between Design Consultants through a system of a well-defined process for validating information suitable for coordination

The Collaborative Team

Project Group and Roles

bim starts with

  • OIR, AIR;
  • Custom technical resources, standards and processes that instruct the stakeholders throughout the asset lifecycle;
  • Coordinated with the framework;
  • KPI Monitoring

Design Team
  • Project specific technical resources, standards and processes;
  • Streamlined with the client’s business objectives;

  • Project specific technical resources, standards and processes. Streamlined with the client’s business objectives;
  • Coordinated with the frameworks (developers, designers and sub-contractors);
  • Site Logistics and optimised construction program;

  • OIR, AIR
  • Improved Handover Process
  • KPI monitoring meet FM requirements
  • AIM meet business objectives
Contractor early engagement = safer, faster, cheaper
Handover reflect OIR and AIR


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