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About Jimi and DDC

The DDC Big Vision

To become a trusted service provider in the global construction industry. By applying the DDC Solutions 5D-methodology to support nations’ growth, through improved construction technology and process.

We have dedicated a great deal of time and effort to develop our products and services in a specific way. For us, BIM is not an academic theory with “must-have” checklist to “do BIM”. We base our approach to the industry on a three core principle with five core values:

The DDC Mission

To enable all designers and contractors to plan, develop and deliver projects that meet the developers’ business objectives that are safe and serve its purpose and is technically efficient in an effective collaborative environment.

We are achieving our mission based on three core principles

  1. Support professionals. It’s not about “BIM”. It is about professional collaboration and delivery of projects. Our clients need tools, support, training, and routines that support their professional responsibilities in an ever-changing environment.
  2. Support businesses. BIM is not something we do. It is something we achieve. DDC is part of our client’s project team and utilises technology and processes customised to our clients’ roles and responsibilities. The outcome is leaner and more effective project delivery. With reduced risks, reduced waste and BIM achievement serving as a business KPI.
  3. Support people. The individuals in our client’s organisations represent the workforce in the global construction industry. We know how stressful project delivery can be, and stress leads to increased risks to the projects. It is our responsibility, as a team player, to reduce stress and improve the project environment.

The DDC Core Values:

  1. Standard – Deliver our services to the highest standard
  2. Shine – Making our clients the stars of every project and every meeting
  3. Solution – Deliver solutions that meet clients and project needs and requirements
  4. Serve – Deliver services and solutions that contribute to the progress of professionals, business and people
  5. Serenity – Deliver peace of mind to our clients. They know that BIM, technology and collaboration are taken care-of.

DDC Lead by Example

At DDC Solutions, we utilise technology with a culture of team effort and taking responsibility. We do not operate as a 9-5 business. We have a task-based system with an exceptionally high standard on quality, time management and customer service. This type of operation enables our team members to control and manage a “work” and life balance.  What has developed organically is that we don’t enforce how we operate. We nurture a positive mindset, pride in our high standard, and look after our health and the health of the business.

Our operational approach is leading by example as we believe our work-life balance and use of technology is a version of what can be achieved across our industry. This vision is shared with the Industrial Strategy and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In particular, goal number 8 & 11 are very close to the DDC mission.

United Nations Sustainable Goals
United Nations Sustainable Goals

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